See Who’s Coming to Cuba, Jan 2016

By December 12, 2015OUR TRAVELS

Meet the crew coming on our Cuba trip this New Year’s Eve!

Amy H. | Dallas, Texas

“I like adventures where you wander until you are tired. And then you eat.”

Jenn L. | NYC, New York

“I design stuff and lead Map&Move trips. Oh, and I love cheesecake and getting lost in new cities.”

KarMan P. | Brussels, Belgium

Favorite quote: “I didn’t strive for success, I strive to do something artistically important.”- D. Bowie

Michel L. | Mexico City, Mexico

Favorite quote: “Smile my friend, you’re way too ugly, too old, and too boring to look like that… ” – Logan Rainer

Jorge O. | Mexico City, Mexico

Music nerd and tech guy.

Philo D. | Brussels, Belgium

Fun Fact: I speak 5 languages.

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