About Us

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Map&Move is for people who are curious about the world and believe in doing something about it.We organize affordable trips–bringing people together to explore the far corners of the earth–while challenging ourselves to abandon our comfort zones. We find the things that move us–mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Travel with Us

Our travelers come from all over the world and range from graduate students to young professionals. The only commonality we have is our zest for life and adventure. Check back for our upcoming trips in 2016.

Come to an Event

We love meeting people who share the same passion we have for travel, new experiences, and rallying for a good cause. We’re based out of NYC, so follow us to join an upcoming happy hour, skill share, or volunteer event.

About the Founder

In 2011, Jennifer Li quit her job for the first time. She bought a one-way ticket to Africa, met a bunch of amazing people, did some awesome things, and somehow ended up in Europe. 4 years and 30+ countries later, she’s realized the potential of travel to teach people things that college and cubicles can’t teach you: self-reliance, empathy, communication, and being a decent human being.

Aside from traveling, she’s a designer, a New Yorker, a speaker, an amateur photographer, and always hungry (for life and dessert).