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Friday Photo

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Every once in a while, I look back at pictures from Tanzania and I’m reminded how amazingadorablefunny the kids are.

africa kids orphanage school

Nicole and Christina discussing politics, environmental law and the state of the economy during coffee break at the office.

Botin pig suckling. Oldest restaurant in the world

World’s Oldest Restaurant

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I had the luxury of dining at Sobrino de Botín, the world’s oldest restaurant while I was in Madrid. Though the place is a tourist trap and I fell victim to over-priced and over-rated suckling pig, and there’s something to be said about sipping wine in a 286-year-old cellar and good service. By good service I mean the manager offering to let me go in the back to snap this photo of Porky and Co.

A preview of Mapped Cessories

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Today’s Thing A Day is for lovers of worldly things and wanderluster types. Here’s a preview of a few of the items that will be going into my new online store. MAPPED CESSORIES is a collection of objects and inspiration I gathered while traveling and brainstorming back home in New York. Most of the items in the store will be a one-of-a-kind vintage find or hand-made good.

Mapped Cessory vintage key necklace.

Mapped in Paris. A vintage key I found in a market in Paris, re-invented and made into a necklace.

Mapped Cessory vintage watch necklace.

Mapped on the streets of New York. A vintage watch part re-fashioned into a necklace.

Mapped Cessory rock necklace.

Mapped in Kenya. A piece of volcanic rock I found while biking by Mount Longonot, re-imagined as a hanging pendant.

Driving to Sosousveil, Namib desert

Night Driving in Namibia

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We were driving north in Namibia with no lights, no people, and the first flood of the Swakop River in years. This all meant maneuvering on rocky paths, through flooded ditches… and surprise! A herd of cows. The best part was that we didn’t run into them. They ran into us.

Cooking in Mozambique

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Today’s Thing A Day is brought to you by the letters “b,” “b” and “q.”

BBQ-ing known as “braaing” in South Africa and Mozambique, is as common as Americans and burgers. And when you have a tropical climate by the water as you do in southern Mozambique, alot of friends from the sea get thrown on the grill. Here’s our attempt in Bilene, Mozamibique:

Mozambique, fish, food, cuisine, dinner, lunch, brai, grill, bbq

Southern Mozambique is all about seafood: fish fresh, calamari, and prawns the size of your face (not really, but almost).

If you’re interested, here’s the recipe for a perfectly braaied fish. It’s not really BBQ season anymore, but that’s what ovens set to “broil” are for.

Stupidity is Good

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Today’s Thing A Day is brought to you by the late, great Steve Jobs. He actually borrowed this line from the Whole Earth Catalogue but it’s one of my favorite mantras of wisdom (or stupidity).

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

A Thing A Day

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A friend emailed me a few days ago reminding me that I haven’t updated in a while. Guilty as charged. And the suspects are the usual: busy schedule, sleep deprivation and food coma.

So to resolve this, I’m posting A Thing A Day– be it a photo, an idea or just a quote– to keep things consistent. It’s my cure-all to when I’m having a creative block, a packed week or just feeling over-blogged.

Without further ado, here’s my very first “Thing.”

Namibia, meerkat, Timon, animal, wild, travel

My friend thought this was a gopher. It's a meerkat, aka Timon from The Lion King. Much cooler than a gopher.

My friend took this picture in Namibia. We found this little critter and his friend hanging by our car in the morning. I know what you’re thinking. Hello rabies shot.