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Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Copenhagen: Danish By Design

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17 of us landed in the Copenhagen, the cozy capital of canals, castles, and colors this afternoon.


Our family on the road for the next two weeks. Photo Credit: Kel Sage.

Our family on the road for the next two weeks. Photo Credit: Kel Sage.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn or ‘New Port’ was founded in the 1600’s as a gateway from the sea to the old inner city. We took a cruise around the harbor to get a closer at the waterways lined with old and modern architecture. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The colorful townhouses of Nyhavn are a cheery little bunch, considering that the 400-year-old waterfront was once teeming with scurrying fishermen, drunk sailors, and prostitution. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.

Your typical Danish scene

Back on land, we come across the the typical Danish sprawl: babies, bikes and picnics. It’s like we never left Brooklyn.

Pop-up Biodome following Copenhagen Fashion Week.

We found this pop-up bar celebrating Copenhagen Fashion Week next to the water. Nothing like downing a beer in a biodome.

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

On the edge of Kongens Have sits Rosenborg Slot, the summer home of King Christian IV who .


The garden at Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

The garden at Rosenborg Castle.

Kongens Have Park

Kongens Have Park. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.

Art Installation in Kongens Have Park

Found: an open-air bamboo installation in the middle of Kongens Have Park, the oldest park in Copenhagen. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.


Found: amazing glass dome covering a row of shops.


Stroget Street, one of the longest pedestrian streets in the world. It’s a commercialized string of souvenir shops, chain stores and glorified fast food spots, but the Danish have a way of making even a McDonald’s look beautiful.

Round Tower, Copenhagen

Rundentarn, originally an observatory constructed in the 1300’s.

Simple, Nordic, and beautiful inside the Rundentarn Tower.

My heart beats for Scandinavian architecture and design: things are functional, simple and clean and the inside of Rundentarn Tower is no different.

Near the top of the tower, tucked to the side is a glass floor that has been perfectly positioned over the center of Copenhagen so you can literally peek into the depths of the city.

Near the top of the tower, tucked to the side is a glass floor that has been perfectly positioned over the center of Copenhagen so you can literally peek into the depths of the city. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.


Views from Rundentarn.

View from the Round Tower.

View from the Round Tower. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.


We ducked into Tivoli, one of the oldest and possibly most beautiful amusement parks in the world. Roller coaster devotees will appreciate the old-school rides and design nerds will appreciate the details in the typography. Over 20 acres of old-school rides, carnival games, and lights dot the original inspiration for Disneyland. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.

Tivoli, Copenhagen

The park is open until midnight on the weekends. A fireworks display lights up the sky on Saturday nights in the summer.

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Faux dragons, lit-up pagodas and a food court of noodles, “Asian inspired” burgers and sushi. Good old, politically-incorrect fun.

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Shows and bands play on the main stage at Tivoli on Saturday nights. We got there just in time for live jazz. Photo Credit: Calvin Sun.

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Good old, kitschy fun.

A preview of Mapped Cessories

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Today’s Thing A Day is for lovers of worldly things and wanderluster types. Here’s a preview of a few of the items that will be going into my new online store. MAPPED CESSORIES is a collection of objects and inspiration I gathered while traveling and brainstorming back home in New York. Most of the items in the store will be a one-of-a-kind vintage find or hand-made good.

Mapped Cessory vintage key necklace.

Mapped in Paris. A vintage key I found in a market in Paris, re-invented and made into a necklace.

Mapped Cessory vintage watch necklace.

Mapped on the streets of New York. A vintage watch part re-fashioned into a necklace.

Mapped Cessory rock necklace.

Mapped in Kenya. A piece of volcanic rock I found while biking by Mount Longonot, re-imagined as a hanging pendant.

NYC Hackathon: One in Six

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For anyone who read my last post, you’ll know that I spent much of the weekend at the NYC Famine Hackathon. The premise was to gather twenty-five creatives, developers and marketers in one room with the goal to come up with fundraising ideas for the famine in East Africa.

We split into five groups but every group faced the same challenge: how do you make people to care about an issue we are so far removed from in our daily lives? Why should people donate to a famine in Africa when we can’t even get our heads wrapped around a recession and war at home?

The concept that my group and I finally came up was based on the stark fact that one child dies every six minutes from starvation in East Africa.

Stop and let that soak in.

In the time that it takes to watch an episode of Glee, 5 children will have passed away from an issue that is completely preventable with the all modern conveniences of today’s world.

Check out our project #oneeverysix, as well all the other ideas from this weekend here. Many of the projects are still being completed with the help of developers but bookmark the site and check back often. Because one in six is a probability too high to ignore.

Hackathon for East Africa

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This weekend is going to be slightly different. I’m leaving the fancy shoes at home, putting the nerd glasses on and having a sexy date with my Macbook Pro. So the ONLY difference is that this weekend will be with a roomful of designers, marketers and developers (aka hackathon). The idea is to come up with some amazing projects between Friday and Sunday to raise money for the famine in East Africa. Pretty cool :D

So if you’d like to jump in with your ideas or just contribute some dollars to the cause check this out:


Check back next week for some new and of course, awesome posts :D

Mapped: a Product of Travel and Design

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More travel posts in the works. But in the meantime, I just wanted to make a quick announcement about Mapped, my new online accessory store to come:)

Mapped is the child of my two loves: travel and design. No matter what country you visit or how different cultures are, people find a way to craft objects that channel their sense of beauty.

Every item in my store is something I either found while traveling or the result of inspiration that I collected on the way. Check back soon for interesting stuff to come;) Now back to your daily reading.