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Friday Photo

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Every once in a while, I look back at pictures from Tanzania and I’m reminded how amazingadorablefunny the kids are.

africa kids orphanage school

Nicole and Christina discussing politics, environmental law and the state of the economy during coffee break at the office.

Have you Ever Seen a Giraffe Run?

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My last two posts touched on a more serious side of East Africa. But here’s a different look at the region and why I fell in love with it in the first place.

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife zebras animals

Nature as inspired by Fruit Stripe Gum.

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction

Elephant herds are led by females. Smart. :D

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife giraffe animals

Slightly dopey looking giraffe.

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife giraffe run animals

"Have you ever seen a giraffe run?" a friend asked me. When I finally did get the chance to experience it, it was the most elegant set of movements I had ever seen. Where else in the world can you see such a fine spectacle?

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife maasai tribe hut home animals

He explained that he was seventeen and would be looking for a wife soon. I explained that I was unmarried and old.

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife buffalo animals

Call me an art nerd but check out that analogous color scheme!

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife maasai animals


Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife sunset tour animals

A hazy mirage outside the window.

Africa Tanzania safari travel vacation tour attraction wildlife animals sunset colors

African sunsets have some of the most brilliant colors I've ever since. Lack of air pollution really helps.

Weekend Blues and Better Tomorrows

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For those of us in the US, today is Long Weekend Blues. It’s the day after Labor Day and the last glorious weekend before beaches close, barbeque grills go back in storage and everyone got a little too frisky with friends like “Captain,” “Morgan” and “Rum.”

What this all translates to is: I’m not ready for the week; check back tomorrow for a new post:D. In the meantime, take a gander at the new Facebook page for the orphanage I volunteered at in Tanzania. Check out what life is like for 24 kids who like me, regardless of today, stay hopeful about tomorrow.

Africa tanzania orphanage kids Faraja playing

Why are sticks so much fun when you're a kid?

Africa tanzania orphanage kids Faraja playing

Another source of fun: plastic bags.

Africa tanzania orphanage kids Faraja playing

Happiness :)

Dining in East Africa

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In lieu of the tragic events of Tuesday’s earthquake and soon to be catastrophic effects of Hurricane Irene, I’ve decided to write a more positive post in the hopes that all New Yorkers can rise above the possible cancellation of Dave Matthews Band on Governors Island this weekend.

Many people have asked me what the food was like while I was traveling through Kenya and Tanzania. I’ll be honest, food in East Africa is not always the stuff culinary dreams are made of. It didn’t stop me from gaining weight though. Here are my picks of the bunch.

Kenya food cabbage matokeo street vegetable africa east

Cabbage and chai. A meal usually consists of a filler like rice, chapati (thin Indian crepes) or ugali (the best way to describe it is a dough made of maize) paired with one dish- meat, lentils, beans or the aforementioned cabbage.

Making chapati. Your typical meal in a hut.

Kenya food drink fruit juice sugar cane mombasa fresh

Some kind-hearted employees in a juice store in Mombasa, Kenya pitied my desperate tourist photos and let me go in the back to see all the action: a machete-welding man chopping up sugar cane and feeding them into this grinder.

passion fruit juice sugar cane fresh kenya africa mombasa natural delicious

Fresh Passion Fruit sitting next to its friend, Fresh Sugar Cane Juice. This is the real deal. Just fruit, no additives and eternal happiness.

Kenya food cassava snack africa fried fresh

Cassava- It's like fat, starchy french fry minus the crisp.

kenya food italian pasta aniello diani beach seafood fresh delicious

Aniello's on Diani Beach. Basically an Italian decided to set up shop on the the coast of Kenya and marry homemade Italian goodness with fresh seafood off the coast of Kenya. It was one of the best meals I had in three months.

Kenya food samaki fish curry

Samaki- fried fish with coconut curry sauce. Yums.

Teaching in Tanzania

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It’s 1:20am and my laptop tells me I have only 31% battery left until it quells over from alkaline starvation. So the race to cover over three month’s worth of ground begins.

Let’s start with the basics: I have been volunteering at an orphanage/ school in Arusha, Tanzania. In the morning I teach math and English; in the afternoon I spend time with the kids.

Many of them face challenges blotched by ugly numbers:

– Many are Nearly 1 million kids in Tanzania are orphaned by families affected by HIV

– Kids in the slums of Arusha live on less than $1 a day

Many of the kids are a part of these statistics but none are consumed by them. They all have different stories but one commonality ties them together: resilience.

A dangerously cute bunch: Helen, Eliah, Japhet and Diana

faraja school orphanage kids cute adorable arusha africa tanzania

Ombeni and Aron

Getting a cup of porridge. In this photo: Benson

Rock stars. In this photo: Christina and Ombeni

Having a moment. In this photo: Diana