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Fundraiser Nepal

Join our #MoveforNepal Fundraiser

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Fundraiser NepalNothing creates bigger movements than the ones that we put our weight into.

That’s why friends and travelers from Map&Move are trading their time and skills for donations to our #MoveforNepal Fundraiser. There’s a lot of need from overcrowded medical centers and we need to help.

Check our team members below and see what they’re offering in exchange for donations. Hint: think awesome things like hip hop classes, food tours of NYC, piano lessons, love poems (yes, we said love poems), just to name a few.

Jorge is offering tours of LES in NYC for donations.

ABOUT ME: Heyo! I’m Jorge. I’m into software, music, and urban expliration! Oiginally from Mexico City, I’ve been calling NYC home since ’09.

WHAT I’M OFFERING: Join my insider walking tour of the Lower East Side, Chinatown, and Little Italy, guided by food!


Victoria is offering nutrition consultations for donations.

ABOUT ME: I’m Victoria, a dietitian working and playing in the heart of NYC. I’m addicted to food, laughter and cheesy smiles. Also the founder of www.amealtoheal.com, healthy recipes catered to you.

WHAT I’M OFFERING: A 45-min nutrition counseling session (valued at over $60). Let me help you sort out the truths and myths about the most confusing health fads and get you started on the right path to being a healthier you!


Albert is offering love poems for donations.

ABOUT ME: I’m Albert. I’m a closet nerd and my mom says that I’m pretty funny.

WHAT I’M OFFERING: Love poems for charity. Seriously. I’ll write you the love poem of your dreams. All that I’m asking is that you have a good sense of humor and realize that we’re doing this for a good cause.


Calvin is offering travel consultations and hip hop classes for donations.

ABOUT ME: I’m Calvin. Full-time ER Physician in NYC and founder of The Monsoon Diaries, a travel service with experience visiting over 80 countries and counting. I’m also a civil rights activist, hip hop choreographer/ b-boy, and licensed bartender teacher.


  • A 90-min breakdancing lesson or
  • A 90-min bartending and mixology lesson or
  • A 90-min private, travel consultation to teach you how to get the most out of your next trip!


Alice is offering piano lessons for donations.

ABOUT ME: Hey there, I’m Alice! I started playing the piano when I was 4. I’m now a classically trained pianist, the founding music teacher of an arts-integrated elementary school Brooklyn, and teach private piano lessons to students of all ages and levels throughout the NYC. I’m interested in Asian American issues, travel, and love experimenting with covers and remixing songs.

WHAT I’M OFFERING: Private one-on-one piano lessons (valued at over $70) in NYC.


NYC Hackathon: One in Six

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For anyone who read my last post, you’ll know that I spent much of the weekend at the NYC Famine Hackathon. The premise was to gather twenty-five creatives, developers and marketers in one room with the goal to come up with fundraising ideas for the famine in East Africa.

We split into five groups but every group faced the same challenge: how do you make people to care about an issue we are so far removed from in our daily lives? Why should people donate to a famine in Africa when we can’t even get our heads wrapped around a recession and war at home?

The concept that my group and I finally came up was based on the stark fact that one child dies every six minutes from starvation in East Africa.

Stop and let that soak in.

In the time that it takes to watch an episode of Glee, 5 children will have passed away from an issue that is completely preventable with the all modern conveniences of today’s world.

Check out our project #oneeverysix, as well all the other ideas from this weekend here. Many of the projects are still being completed with the help of developers but bookmark the site and check back often. Because one in six is a probability too high to ignore.

Hackathon for East Africa

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This weekend is going to be slightly different. I’m leaving the fancy shoes at home, putting the nerd glasses on and having a sexy date with my Macbook Pro. So the ONLY difference is that this weekend will be with a roomful of designers, marketers and developers (aka hackathon). The idea is to come up with some amazing projects between Friday and Sunday to raise money for the famine in East Africa. Pretty cool :D

So if you’d like to jump in with your ideas or just contribute some dollars to the cause check this out:


Check back next week for some new and of course, awesome posts :D

Weekend Blues and Better Tomorrows

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For those of us in the US, today is Long Weekend Blues. It’s the day after Labor Day and the last glorious weekend before beaches close, barbeque grills go back in storage and everyone got a little too frisky with friends like “Captain,” “Morgan” and “Rum.”

What this all translates to is: I’m not ready for the week; check back tomorrow for a new post:D. In the meantime, take a gander at the new Facebook page for the orphanage I volunteered at in Tanzania. Check out what life is like for 24 kids who like me, regardless of today, stay hopeful about tomorrow.

Africa tanzania orphanage kids Faraja playing

Why are sticks so much fun when you're a kid?

Africa tanzania orphanage kids Faraja playing

Another source of fun: plastic bags.

Africa tanzania orphanage kids Faraja playing

Happiness :)