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Sleep-deprived, on the way to MAASU 2015

Let’s Talk Travel in Madison Wisconsin

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So after two weeks of touring of the US, Calvin and I were ending our American road trip in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sleep-deprived, on the way to MAASU 2015

We’d just had one of our best gastronomical experiences in recent memory in Chicago a few hours before, and now we were darting over to the University of Madison-Wisconsin for a talk on Travel 101. Sleep-deprived. Can you tell?

Our talk on Travel 101 at MAASU

Our talk on “Travel 101” at the Midwest Asian American Student Union (MAASU) Spring Conference. Nothing like an energizing talk on your favorite subject… and lots and lots and lots of caffeine to perk you right up.

The gala dinner at MAASU 2015

At the post-conference gala dinner with these exceptional speakers. Continuing the trend of strolling into fancy occasions in jeans and heels. *Note to self: write a post about growing up (caring less and less about what other people think) and women on the go (overconfident in jeans and heels).

We  had a few hours to mingle and explore campus. Then we were off to catch a 2:20am bus back to Chicago, where were bound for South America. But first a layover in Aruba…