Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam in Dec 2016- Jan 2017

Grand Palace, Bangkok


Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

This winter we’re headed to the bustling streets of Bangkok, finding serenity at temples of Ankor Wat and take an overnight cruise on the Halong Bay. Ready to get a taste of local culture and adventure with a crew of like-minded vagabonds? Join us!

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Halong Bay, Vietman


$1150 Early Bird Special (Price increases to $1250 after Nov 1)

  • All transportation from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia (this includes all domestic flights and trains)
  • All accommodations
  • Overnight cruise and kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
  • Entrance into the Grand Palace, Bangkok
  • Entrance into Ankor Wat, Cambodia (This was where Angelina Jolie shot the Tomber Raider in case you were wondering)
  • Excludes: Flights from your home country from and to Bangkok, where the trip starts.
  • Excludes:Optional activities like private boat rides, and cabs for optional day trips or nights out. We’ll specify these before and during the trip, so you can budget accordingly.
  • Excludes: Visas and optional travel insurance

Siem Reap, Cambodia


Day 1: We get into Bangkok, meet the group for dinner and explore the markets and nightlight of the city.
Day 2: We take a flight to Hanoi and spend the day checking out the Parisian-influenced capital of Vietnam.
Day 3: We’re cruising and paddling and down the islands and islets of Ha Long Bay. Expect to fill up on a seafood (or vegetarian) feast, check out the largest cave in the bay,  and to spend the night on a on boat.
Day 4: Sunrise on the bay and trek on the beach before heading back to Hanoi, where we spend the night.
Day 5: We fly from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, a city pulsating with energy and history. We’ll check out the tunnels of the city.
Day 6: Full day of exploration before we head out to group dinner and to ring in the new year in Vietnam!
Day 7: Today we travel to Phnom Penh to explore, before taking a night bus to Siem Reap
Day 8: We spend the day in Siem Reap
Day 9: Full day to explore Ankor Wat, where the Tomb Raider was shot
Day 10: Flight to Phuket in the evening
Day 11: Day in Phuket with the option to take a cruise through  Phang Nga Bay or to adventure on its beaches.
Day 12: Today we head back to Bangkok to spend the rest of our time checking out the Grand Palace, that markets before celebrating our last group dinner and night out


What’s a Map&Move trip like?

The goal of our trips are to get out of our comfort zones, explore the local culture and meet a new group of travel buds. That said, there’s no pressure to stick with the group at all times if you want to do a day trip or explore on your own for a few hours. We tend to get back together for dinner or a night out.

Can I come alone?

Yes! Lots of people come by themselves. The tone of our trips is to meet other like-minded, adventurous people. Our group ranges in ages 24-35 and people come from different professions, backgrounds, and have various levels of exposure to travel.

How do visas work?

If you’re coming from the US, you’ll need a visa for Vietnam and Cambodia. You can check here for more info. The good news is that we’ll guide you through the visa process.

How do flights work?

Our starting point for this trip will be Bangkok, Thailand and our itinerary officially starts on 12/26/16  so you can fly in from your home country any day before then. The itinerary ends on 1/6/17, so you can also choose a flight back at your convenience. While flights costs from your home country are NOT included and it’s your responsibility to book your own transportation to Bangkok, Thailand, we’re happy to give you suggestions on how to find cheap flights!

How do I pay?

A non-refundable down payment of 20% is needed to secure your spot on the trip. The balance must be paid before a month before departure and we accept PayPal, Chase QuickPay or Venmo.

What are accommodations like?

We look for comfort, affordability and central locations. We’ll be in co-ed hostels and homestays for most of this trip (unless you specify that you need single-sex rooms).

How should I budget for food?

Cost of food and drink are inexpensive. Regular meals are $2-$5 dollars, though we do like to mix it up and try a range of meals from inexpensive to higher-end. You’re not obligated to eat with the group, so if you’d like try something on your own, we say go for it!

What’s the day-to-day like?

Because this is a short trip and we want to take advantage of all there is to do and see, we’ll be doing early mornings and get back in late evenings/ nights. For night owls, we’re always down for a drink and to check out the nightlife!

Do I need travel insurance?

This is up to you. If you have a credit card, check the terms as it sometimes includes some sort of travel insurance. If you’d like additional insurance, we’ve found affordable options with World Nomads or RoamRight. Insurance for a week costs approx $75-$100.

I can’t come for the dates listed or I prefer to go on my own.

We can help you come up with an “independent trip.” You choose the dates, go on your own or invite your friends. We’ll work out the logistics like flights, visas, accommodations, and transportation from city-to-city for you.